The Final Programme for The Conservation Symposium 2021 is displayed below.

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Please take note of the following:

MAJOR PROGRAMME CHANGE (from preliminary version) - due to the elections happening in South Africa on Monday 1 November, the day has been shortened to end at 13h30 to allow South African delegates time to access their voting stations. The afternoon sessions have been shifted to Tuesday (Lead Pb in Wildlife) and Wednesday (Plant Conservation) afternoons. Be aware that session numbers have also been altered by this shift!


  • The Opening Session presentation by Coral Birss (Reflections on the IUCN World Conservation Congress and draft Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework through the lens of a provincial conservation entity) has been withdrawn.
  • The Land Use (Session Three) presentation by Andilyat Mohamed Abderemane (The vegetation of Ngazidja Island, Comoros Archipelago, a landscape with recent lava flows and current anthropic pressures) has been withdrawn.
  • The Marine Mining (Session Six) presentations by Mike Woodborne (Marine phosphates off southern Africa: Opportunities, challenges and environment) and Gavin Craythorne (The impacts of Alexkor state-owned enterprise's cofferdam mining operations) have been withdrawn. Presentations by Thamsanqa Wanda (Taking a closer look at the seafloor: Multibeam bathymetry as a basis for marine spatial planning) and Bronwen Currie (Deep-sea mining: The long-term cumulative impacts) have been added.
  • The Lead (Pb) (Session Fourteen) presentation by Sophie von der Heyden (Challenges and opportunities for inclusion of genetic diversity into biodiversity conservation in South Africa) has been withdrawn. Isa-Rita Russo's (Guidelines are needed to manage genetic diversity effectively) has been added.
  • The Alien and Invasive Species (Session Sixteen) presentation by Thulisile Jaca (Assessment of invasive alien plants in urban municipal reserves, Gauteng Province, South Africa) has been withdrawn. Andrew Turner's (A new invader? An eastern dwarf chameleon (Bradypodion ventrale) example) has been added.

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